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Building Connections and Creating a World of Giving

Connections Over Coffee | Our Time to RISE is an international virtual meetup where we will simply network and develop relationships. No pressure, no sales, no feeling inadequate! We will meet on Zoom monthly. While many of our meetups will have an entrepreneurial focus, everyone is welcome to come and check us out.

You see, the word RISE is also the acronym for a simple 4-step process:
R Reconnect
I Impact
S Storify
E Elevate

Step 1: RECONNECT – This is where you reconnect with your values and beliefs, what really matters to you and what feels right. It’s where you decide who you want to be, the difference you want to make, the good you want to do and the legacy you want to be remembered for. And it’s also where you can, if you want, renew your commitment to doing your best in all those areas.

Step 2: IMPACT – This is where you make your business more rewarding, successful and impactful by becoming a Business for Good. It’s where you’ll see simple systems to put your values at the heart of everything your business does. Then you’ll see how to automate those values into processes so that good things happen not by chance but by design - your design. In a way that makes everything in your business, even the everyday activities, much more meaningful. So that everyone in your business wakes up every morning with a smile on their face, a spring in their step and joy in the hearts. Because they know they are helping to make the world a better place. And because they know they are working in a business that has doing good and kindness right at its core.

Step 3: STORIFY – This is where you find the right words, images and numbers to tell the story of what you are doing in the most inspiring way, without ever being boastful or arrogant. So that your team are inspired, engaged and motivated. So that your customers are inspired to sing your praises, buy more from you and be more loyal. And other businesses are inspired to follow your lead, becoming part of the global Business for Good movement, joining you in helping to make the world an even better place.

Step 4: ELEVATE – In the Storify step you passively inspire others to do great things. But in this entirely optional ELEVATE step, you actively encourage others to RISE. For example, you might choose to give away copies of this book, (you can do that freely without it costing you or anyone else a single cent by sharing the link below). And as a result you build a tribe. Power a movement. And help to elevate us all to another level.

Link to the FREE book:
Please join us the third Friday of every month at 10:00 am (ET) for our FREE Meetup

Your Instructor

Kathy Binner, Facilitator
Kathy Binner, Facilitator

Kathy Binner is a Passive Income Coach and a Health and Wealth Educator. She is deeply committed to helping you discover a better healthier lifestyle and a passive income option so that you can experience freedom to live your dreams. Put your choices into action and watch your life change "while you sleep". #simplystart

Kathy's unique background and certifications, qualifies her to identify the right opportunities, create an individual strategy and personalize an action plan so that one can live a healthier lifestyle and earn income without having to "punch the time clock". She help's you create a plan for personal development. "Life is just better when we have done work on ourselves. That includes our mental, physical, emotional, social and financial life. I think it’s fair to say: Personal Development makes you happy. You can’t really argue with that goal" ~Kathy

Kathy and her significant other, Marc also own and manage the Carraway Guest House, a residential guest house in Canal Winchester, Ohio

Find out more about Kathy at

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