Kathy's Story

"Let me tell you a quick story..."

I was a single mom, working two jobs, both minimum wage with no health insurance; and I was living payday to payday with no extra cash for emergencies. I had a car that I couldn't keep running and even worse, I had no means to save toward retirement!

"Then something happened that changed my life forever..."

My mom sat me down and had a talk with me about 'getting on with it' meaning making more money. I met a nail tech who was making more income in one week than I made in a month from my corporate job... so, I decided to attend 'nail school' and become a part-time nail tech.

"At the time, I had no idea the impact this would have. The problem was..."

Now I was working full time in my corporate job and part-time as a nail tech. I had no time for my daughter because I was always racing from one job to the other.

"Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse..."

The nail salon I signed on with decided to close. My corporate position was changing into a mandatory bachelor's degree position, but I had no time to go back to school for my bachelor's degree.

"I was on the downward slide because..."

The owners of the nail salon decided it was too much work for them to continue operating a salon with kids of their own at home. The owners of the corporate company were hoping to sell and retire, and the new big corporate buyer wanted everyone to have a bachelor's degree.

"Needless to say, I felt..."

Panicked! How could I support myself and my daughter without these two jobs? I started researching local colleges to get my bachelor's degree asap to try and keep my corporate job and I started visiting nail salons to find a new salon.

"That's when I truly hit rock bottom..."

I showed up for work at the nail salon and it was locked with a big for sale sign in the window. The salon had closed! The next day I showed up for my corporate job and my boss told me I needed to work more hours. My mandatory 50-plus hours a week was not enough for the new owners. I was exhausted from the commute and the work hours.

"This meant..."

I panicked and started looking for a third job. My mom was exhausted from taking care of my dad who had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. My mom was also watching my ADHD daughter while I was trying to figure out what to do.

"That's when I decided..."

That I needed to go full-time as a nail tech since the income was better than my corporate job. With my nail tech income, I decided to buy my first home all by myself... a condo. With my nail tech income, I was also able to afford health insurance for myself and my daughter.

"Then, something happened that changed everything..."

I found a new salon where the owners had nail techs, hair stylists, and tanning beds. I realized as owners, they were collecting rent from me and all the other independent contractors. It occurred to me that I could buy my own building and rent it out to nail techs, hair stylists and add tanning. In 20 years, my staff could buy me a building (for immediate income and retirement income).

"That was the spark I needed..."

I was scared but optimistic to get a commercial loan for my very own salon building. I knew I was on the right path.

"Here's what happened next..."

I learned everything I could about the salon industry. I made two additional mortgage payments each year to pay off the building earlier than the 20-year note.

"Then one day I looked up and realized I could now..."

Buy four more salon buildings, and 'sign on' even more stylists and nail techs to pay rent to me. I also started buying single family rentals to help grow my passive income and retirement income.

"I was forever changed by the fact that..."

I now had a passive income and the freedom to live the lifestyle I always wanted. I could work less hours. I could even homeschool my daughter during her last four years of high school. I started on a new healthy lifestyle.

"I now saw myself..."

In control, confident, and a good provider for the first time ever! I saw myself as a business owner. I received the Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year Award! Then I received the Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

"And that's why I knew I couldn't stop there..."

I realized I needed to teach you how to do what I have done. I needed to make getting healthy and creating passive income even easier for you.

"Now I am..."

Focusing on creating a step-by-step process for others to discover what is their Next Best Step in getting healthy and creating passive income. I'm focusing on creating this user-friendly website, and I'm creating an online international academy.

"I'm able to..."

Help individuals and entrepreneurs just like you go from panic to passive income. Plus have some fun getting healthy.

"This makes me feel..."

Like there's so much more for me to do... I'm just getting started!

"What I'd like you to take away from all this is..."

No matter how tough things are, keep going, never stop learning and Simply Start to find Your Next Best Step to getting healthy, growing your passive income and finally Freestyle Living Today!